I promise this site was good when I last touched it in 2013. Back then stuff like these blood drips were cool.
— Daniel B, 2023

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Latest thing project from August 2013

Clock Face Generator

This tool makes printable pages of random clock faces, to help kids learn to tell the time. Settings let you change the difficulty as your kids get better at it.


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CliMAS is a group of three web tools presenting information about climate change and species adaptation. I joined the CliMAS project in late 2012, when the CliMAS projects were all due to be finished, but weren’t. They came together and ended up alright.


Report Assembler

This is little JavaScript library that takes JSON data and a carefully written source document, and merges them into a result document. It’s aimed at making prose descriptions of scientific data. I started this so I could get CliMAS Reports finished as quickly as possible.



Edgar shows ecological niches for Australian birds, now and in the globally-warmed future. It also lets bird watchers correct observations of bird species (thereby improving the modelling of birds’ niches). The UI is based around a fullscreen OpenLayers map.


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