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Report Assembler

This is little JavaScript library that takes JSON data and a carefully written source document, and merges them into a result document. It's aimed at making prose descriptions of scientific data. I started this so I could get CliMAS Reports finished as quickly as possible. Report Assembler replaces @$$variable@ in your document with a value, and will work out @[[ logical == conditions ]]@ to determine which parts of the document should be included. For example, with this JSON:
    "ZombieSpeedMpS": 4.5
    "IncubationDays": 2
You can write a report template like this:
Your local zombie variety moves at $$ZombieSpeedMpS
metres per second.  If you get bitten, you will turn into a zombie
after $$IncubationDays [[IncubationDays != 1]]days.
[[IncubationDays == 1]]day.
..and Report Assembler can give you a nice report on zombies: bq. Your local zombie variety moves at 4.5 mph. If you get bitten, you will turn into a zombie after 2 days. The library isn't particularly powerful, but it served its purpose of letting the scientist working with me on "CliMAS Reports":/projects/climas/ write a kind of super-document with many complicated conditional parts, without them having to be a programmer themselves. Find out more from the "source code":https://github.com/DanielBaird/Report-Assembler, in particular "the readme":https://github.com/DanielBaird/Report-Assembler/blob/master/README.md includes a little documentation. `

This project

was developed in late 2012 and released in November 2012.